TV Production


Producer/ Director/Editor. When the Olympic torch came to London The Independent Newspaper wanted some visual content for the Independent Online and so linked to Friction.TV where they used the film I made of the day. My deadline was tight, in a matter of hours the piece was shot, edited and uploaded. All aspects of the film were covered by me; sourcing of interviews, filming on a hand-held, producing/directing and finally editing and uploading.

New Media/Producer/Director is an online platform for user-generated news and opinion. I worked as a consultant for in their start-up period, generating ideas with respect to content and provided ideas on how to link with other social networking sites. As well as helping steer the company in terms of content I also produced, directed, shot and edited many films to start off debates and discussions. A selection of films I made are listed here. I must point out that the production quality was deliberately low as to not alienate our audience and to further encourage user generated content.
Tony Benn and George Galloway on Stop The War March

Undercover Filming and Assistant Producer on Black Market Britain for ITV1
I was hired by Fulcrum to do the undercover filming for an ITV documentary about the import and sale of counterfeit goods into the UK and the impact that this criminal activity has on people’s lives. I was required to have a good understanding of the legal position attached to such programme making.


On-Camera Interviewer and Co-Producer British Petroleum (BP) In conjunction with Perfect Path The annual Beacon Awards for BP embraced all that is great about social networking, connecting their vast international workforce via a blog. I conducted the on-camera interviews for this exciting project.

Specialist Archive Researcher on Avenue of the Stars – ITV. Researching, locating and clearing footage for five films covering all the genres of programme making that ITV covered over a fifty year period.

Undercover Filming on McIntyre Investigates. Made up part of a team filming undercover on a sting.

Assistant Producer on Restoration. The first series of Restoration in 2003 was to bring an astonishing array of great buildings to wider public notice. Each of the historic structures was in peril from years of neglect or under-funding. And each of them was equally worthy of reappraisal and restoration. I worked on the Christmas update, sourcing relevant headlines, interviews and updates on the building work undertaken.

Bbc4 Assistant Producer on Restoration Secrets This programme focussed on properties around the country that are normally closed to the public but open during Heritage Open Days. It showcased the best of BBC archive about architecture, restoration and historic buildings.

Web Content Provider/Journalist/ Assistant Editor on Wellbeing. Wellbeing is a television channel and Web site which helps you live life to the full.The Boots Company plc ( ) and Granada Media plc ( ) created a joint venture company to form a new Internet and television business called Digital Wellbeing Limited.

C4_logo_2Assistant Producer on Slam. Edgy entertainment series showcasing the next generation of soon to break performing talent.

Bbc1_2 Kilroy Prod Company 2000 Kilroy – BBC1
Assistant Producer Brave Films 2000

Ondigital Commercial –Dir:Lucy Blackstad


Picture_4 Producer Anglia Television 1999 Hot Love – Sky One Studio based programme with VT inserts about relationship problems.

Optomen_2 Assistant Producer Optomen 1999 Music Video –George Michael

Was asked to source real life prostitutes in the area of Amsterdam’s red light area to be filmed ‘documentary’ style for George Michael’s cover version of Roxanne.

Bbc_choice_2 Assistant Producer OR Media 1999 Scrap Mates – BBC Choice

C5_logo_2 Assistant Producer Invincible Films for 1999 Sexual Intercourse –Channel 5

C4_logo_2Assistant Producer Princess Productions 1999 Sofa Melt – Channel 4

Princess_productions Development Princess Productions 1998
Assistant Producer Princess Productions 1998 Sofa Melt –

C4_logo_2Pilot Specialist Producer Laurel Productions 1998 ‘The Real Fanny Cradock’ – Channel 4

National_geo Producer / Director Figaro Films 1998 Microlight Project – National Geographic

C5_logo_2Assistant Producer Studio Z 1998 Dangerous Jobs – Channel 5

Associate Producer Kilroy Prod. Company 1998 ‘Chippendales’- ITV Network First

Researcher BBC White City 1997 ‘Naked’ – BBC2

Mc_sattchi M & S Saachi 1997 ‘New Millennium Experience’ – TV Advert

ITN 1997 Special Reports News At Ten – ITV

Researcher Meridian Broadcasting 1997 Perfectly Pets II – ITV

Researcher Meridian Broadcasting 1997 Espresso – Channel 5

Researcher BBC Pebble Mill 1997 ‘The Great Escape’ – BBC 1

Picture_6_2 Kilroy Prod. Company 1997 Kilroy – BBC1

Itnlogo_4 ITN – Special Reports 1996

Private Investigator Freelance 1996 Investigations both private and corporate
Private Investigator Hogan and Co 1995 Investigations both private and corporate


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