Market Research

Danielle Kottnauer
PR and Marketing Manager – Forbury Hotel


Debbie carried out a series of telephone interviews with several of
our customers. We identified a good mix of people who had stayed with
us for different reasons and got their permission to interview them
and use their comments in testimonials. Debbie had a 25-30 minute
conversation with each guest, covering all aspects of their stay and
their experience of The Forbury. She then wrote a detailed account of
each conversation together with an assessment
Our intention has been to publish extracts from these interviews on
the website to give a flavour of what people say about us, but we have
also found the exercise extremely useful in identifying issues with
customer service that needed attention. We’re now revamping our
training for staff based on the understanding of what was important to
our guests that we got from Debbie’s work.
We found Debbie to be extremely thorough, punctual and conscientious.
I would recommend to her future clients that they agree a very clear
specification of what is to be done and how much time they can give to
reviewing Debbie’s work. She was always prepared to go the extra mile
and that stretched us occasionally!
I would highly recommend her for the clarity, quality and thoroughness
of her work. What she produced has been invaluable to us.



Debbie Davies has been a good and trusted contact of the directors of Golden Goose PR for over 10 years, dating back to the late 90’s when she was an assistant producer at the BBC.

Most recently, GGPR was pleased to commission Debbie to work on a digital media publicity project; making the most of Debbie’s research, production, film and online expertise.  The results were of the highest standards, demonstrating a mature and thorough understanding of integrated communications and modern media.  This industry insight – from how to reach bloggers, to coming up with ways to create newsworthy online debate – proved incredibly useful.

As well as this, Debbie has an exceptional databank of contacts and a fearless approach to making new ones.


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