Media Training

Farah Kurji
Migrant Workers Project Coordinator
UK Poverty , Oxfam GB

“We asked Debbie to run a course with a group of migrant workers in
Hull on media communication skills. The course was to help them learn
how to get their story across, how to give a good impression and how
to ensure that a story has impact.

Debbie’s work was very well prepared and presented. She delivered the
material confidently with a group of people for whom English is not
their first language in an intensive 3 hour session. Debbie had
excellent training materials including video and written information.

We were very pleased with the training. It was good to hear directly
from someone with real first hand knowledge and to get advice on
dealing with reporters and journalists based on her own experience.
We are only normally able to work with local people, so it was also a
nice change to hear from someone with a London perspective. We would
definitely employ Debbie again if the opportunity arose.”


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