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Halloween Lantern


Tuttle in Birmingham

Originally from Brum I am pleased to see that my hometown has an up and running Tuttle Club all of its own. I attend the London Tuttle Club every other week, but shall combine a trip home to visit my parents with a visit to the Birmingham lot.

Stories Not Presentations

“Stories have enormous power in terms of recall. If you look at statistics, or at PowerPoint, or at documents, what you discover from all the research is that there is almost no recall. What will be remembered are a few compelling stories that you share with your organization and with your team. And those will guide them when they are far away from you – which, by the way, is much of the day.”

— Professor Jay Conger

Silver Nitrate

I have been burned with a silver nitrate stick today and in pain.

Beginning a Blog

Well the time has come for me to commit to the basics in social media and get me a blog. I shall, however, not tell anyone I have this until I …….well ……..until I have something to show them, other than my first post which was of a green cat that I made in photoshop. That was another learning curve.

I feel like an idiot only just starting out, but the first 1000 miles starts with the first step. I am worried about making an idiot of myself, getting all the links wrong and generally looking like I don’t know what I am doing, the truth is I don’t really – the important thing is that I try. I have been greatly encouraged by all those I have met at The Tuttle Club a place where those who are interested in social media and they have been nothing but lovely to me. I have shown up on a few occassions now feeling like a girl whose car has broken down only to be told I need to put petrol in it. I am indeed a beginner. And not only did they tell me I needed petrol they often took me to the garage to get some. I am very grateful. I am also grateful to the book I am clutching that has now become my bible WordPress for Dummies.