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Stonewall and Julie Bindal Upset Trans Community

I am late with this one, I know.

I met Ruth whilst coming back from Bicester Village, where I was interviewing men about shopping. Ruth is part of the Trans Community,  and was on her way to a demonstration march in London against Stonewalls decision to nominate Julie Bindal for an award.

I certainly learned a lot interviewing Ruth, when it comes to issues and definitions of gender and sexuality,  it is a complicated affair it seems.

I really must find out how the march went and if Julie Bindal, did indeed win.

Ruth Pearce


IV: David Lynch

So I have just realised the limitations of whereby I cannot embed the video only a picture link to it. Anyhow, this is an interview I did for when I worked for them last year. I made a million phone calls before he agreed to see me and staked out the Sanderson Hotel in London for four hours until he finally agreed to an interview. He is one of the quirkiest men I have ever met. Anyhow, here is the man who gave us some of the most disturbing violent images in film making talking about innner peace.