I have done a lot over the years, all under the umbrella of Media. I take photographs, I make little movies mainly for the web, I offer people Media Training and more recently I have worked in the area of Qualitative Market Research.

I came to be doing what I do now by originally training as a photographer with a BA Hons Degree in the subject. I then got work as a Researcher in TV production working my way up to Producer/Director level, in the production of TV programmes for all major broadcasters including the  BBC and Channel 4.

Aside from my TV production work I have produced content for web based businesses, both print and audio visual work.  In 2007 I  was employed as a  consultant for a start-up web-based business in the area of current affairs and news.  More recently,  I have  combined my interview skills and my documentary film skills and have been doing some interesting work in the area of Qualitative Market Research.  And just to add one more skill to the mix, I am a very skilled at  filming uncover with covert filming equipment.

If you want more details of the various projects I have worked on, please do look at the various categorizes for my full CV.

So, if you have an idea and you want to have a chat I like chatting too.

I am available for freelance, project or part-time or contract work,so please do get in touch.

Telephone  07976 302429 or email


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